Matrix Effect

  1. Start off with a new document and make the foreground color white and the background color black. An easier way to do this is by pressing the ‘D’ key on your keyboard.

  2. Fill the document with white.

  3. Go to: Filter > Texture > Grain; Then use the settings: Intensity-100, Contrast-100, Grain Type - Vertical.

  1. Next, go to: Filter > Artistic > Neon Glow; Then use these settings: Glow - 5, Glow Brightness - 20 and use a green glow color.

  2. Next, go to Filter > Stylize > Glow Edges; Then use the settings: Edge Width - 1 Edge Brightness - 5 Smoothness - 1

  1. Now to change the colors. Go to: Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation; Check ‘Colorize’ and and change the ‘Hue’ to a dull green. Shortcut = keyboard letter ‘U’

This is extremely cool thanks!

Nice one, how do u add matrix text?

omg…this tutorial is all over tha web…whats the point of posting it here :\

Download it from Extract the files to Control Panel/Fonts and then it works in all programs.

Edit: Nvm I fixed it.