Mattrixis land of comical buddies

how do you insert pictures cause i got some funny pics with buddies but i dont know how to put them in (how do you turn pics into html code and how do you insert buddies for your avvy

i cant paste the pics if i dont know how to. ive already made two and im working on the third. please tell me

ive got 3 pics done and here are what they are about but i really need somone to tell me how to put them in this post

-granite maul surprise
-oh s…
-castle wars massacre

working on…

-let me down!!!

i have found a guide to how to image host so just wait people and it will be up soon

instead use this as a place to post your own comical buddies.

DONT quadrouple post man its anoying

im only new ill bear that in mind… thanks

That wasn’t quadruple posting, that was quintuple posting.
I’ll overlook that just this once because you are new.

go on and upload your picture, then take the note thing the image link they give you and paste it on the site.

So thats what you call 5 posts in a row, quintuple posting… lol, i learned a new word today! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow…thats all i have to say.