max hits?

what r ur max hits?mine is 5 with blk b axe

erm 24 with pots and prayer

Dang, mines six with Steel2h.

And I just hit 300. Woo-Hoo

i think 25 with everything u can do to raise

mines 23 without ne pots or special and 24(mabe 25) with

26 With Dragon Battleaxe special then a Dragon Mace special.

5 with hand

14 with rune scimmy
16 with rune baxe
17 with r2h

all without any pots or prayer

27 with drag long

i hit 15’s with mage short, full red, and rune arrows. thats pretty decent for range :twisted:

i did like 5 with water srike.

mines a 20… :twisted:

I can hit a 25 with dragon b axe :twisted:

i hit 31 with pryaer and potions

o, adn i also hit a lot of 30’s from cannon :twisted: :twisted:

30 On my banned account 15 on my new account.

i hit for 11’s with rune b-axe

11 on rune scimmy
13 with rune 2h

i with dragon long hit 27 i think the most ive hit is 26 but ive gotten 2 str lvls since then. with only special 22 with special and prayer ive hit 25 so with potion i think and i hope 27

The best ive ever hit was an 11.