maximun hits

is it just me or does it seem that until u get to rune u can only hit up to a certain number of hp, for the longest time i havent been able to hit over 4 with my mith long

Well im lv 51 and with a Mith Long i can hit 8s or 9s (12s or more with my R2H). :arrow:

my maximum hit with rune scimmy without prayer or strength potion is either a 13 or a 14. with rune r2h using strength potion, i can hit 17’s and maybe 18’s. can’t remember…

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aparently, if u have 99 stre adn 99 atack, adn u have a r2h, you can hit up to 35, with super stre pot, adn best stre prayer…

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I hit 23’s with r2h on my lvl 63 :slight_smile: str potted and pray :slight_smile: