Mayham Art

Hey everyone…this is another piece of art that my cousin made and wanted me to post. he is one of the original creators of mayham art

nope…mayhem art was waaaaay before you…it was on funny junk for about 3 years running now…

there is no such thing as mayham art until now… ur thinking of the madness games. It’s not really like madness Interactive or madness Apotheosis or MAdness 1-3 and 5.the only thing alike about them are that that the hands are not connected to the bodies
have fun :smiley:

that clip was the most retarded thing i have ever seen…

lol i find those movies so hilarious

Well, it sure is bloody. =)

that video has nothing to do with the art…these pictures dont look and hting like it. and theres not blood slurting every in tha clip

oh they dont look at all like it?lets ask every body else -.-

well…its totally different

different or not i think it looks like crap… -10/10, my un-born baby brother could do better…

yea…well remember that post on ur avatar…i htink ur avatar looks like an idiot trying to be cool

lol well i would say that that is 4/10 it really is not that good

…remeber this wasnt me who made it…it was my couzin

and that makes no sense what so ever. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. please explain, or shutup

how bout u stop flaming in my post…is that a good enough explination?

lol, so you admit defeat?