-- Me and Doublea just can't stop.. \\

You guys remember back when me and Doublea had a couple of battles? We did the same thing, again.

:::Theme: Real Human Renders:::

Doublea’s Entry:

Alias’ Entry:

:::Our Own, Self-Made Info:::
The render didn’t look as good as I planned and I messed up the background, it has over 17 layers (not much) but I still like it, and the text looked good.

This was supposed to become a normal signature. But hey, I made it bright. It’s still great, IMO. I put it up on ChaosGFX, and they loved it! There’s some C4D’s and Stock’s hidden in this signature. If you’re a member at ChaosGFX, look in the Auction Market in a while. I’m going to auction it. PS: If you want to see my signature better, use the skin Ambience.

First to 10 win!!

Can I just make 14 accounts, vote for myself every time and win? :stuck_out_tongue:

G’luck Alias, I know I hath lost…

Lawl, Doublea. That would be consitered cheating :yummy:.

Not to mention breaking the same rule 13 times…

:stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:

(Presses register button :shhh: )

Well, I can edit polls xD. Rofl, but you’d see it…

Ofcourse I would… Ifyouhadn’ttoldme…

Alias ftw. Alias is on a hotstreak and can’t stop doing good things. Blendin=perfect. LOVING THAT FONT! Yes I do see the c4d’s and that just makes it great. One of the best’s I’ve ever seen. 9/10 for alias.

Ya know dama, it would have been nice to gime me some C/C…


C4D’s are annoyin’… xD

Doublea81 ftw.

Alias, thats crap. Simplest way you can say it. (H)

Oh and for doublea. Text is nice! brushing is nice! It kinda blends. 8/10

Meh, Burnzie…

Thanks Dama2 :).

Burnzie doesn’t like modern. I think.

Nope, she doesn’t. I’ve always known that.

No, i like what looks good.

That dosent.

It dosent matter if it has 10 000 layers or 100 000. If it does, and still dosent look exceptionally good, then you wasted your time.

How long did that take you btw? Cos if it took you over 15 minutes, then it was a waste of time.

different people have different opinions.

But can you honestly say whats exceptionally good about it?

Err, you can’t stop, can you? People have different opinions. If I’d post a professional signature from ChaosGFX you wouldn’t like it. Now stop the flaming. I DON’T wish to lock this topic.

No, i guess i cant. Now are you going to answer the question?

BTW, this isnt flaming, its agressive challanging :stuck_out_tongue:

Agressive challanging is flaming…

Render is blended.
Nice overall.
Superb C4D’s.
Text is cool.

Now stop, or I’ll delete all your posts in this topic.

Guy’s I don’t get it. So many people vote for doublea but to me aliases is clearly better.