me and keyser had a chat =)

look where I reported him for a typo :cheerful:



lol thats funny! :smiley:

Keyser owns you. :slight_smile:

Well, there is one thing I can say, you are abusing the system and Jagex will see it. Continously abusing the report abuse can get yourself banned. I advice you not to do this again.

Godamit I wish there was a report post button…

Hey it’s true, I got a message from JaGeX saying:

“Thank you for your report- but please only report people if they actually offend you. If what they say is the truth then you cannot report it, it is not insulting. Abusing the report abuse can get you banned.”

You know what I reported? Some guy called me gay. Dam JaGeX!

well keyser didnt even call me gay, im ****ed :smiley:

lol very funny

Poor Keyser :frowning: I really think Duke Atreide was spiteful to him… Oh well.:confused:

keyser is now pisssssssssssssssssssssssed!!! You are dead man, he’s gonna kill you for this. He was the greatest merchant for what i know.

Hmmm, reporting keyser’s not a good idea, you don’t want to get that size chunk of the Runescape economy banned…

Anyway, what was the story behind Keyser leaving RSR?



rolf :smiley: keyser owns.

keyser is a good guy and don’t deserve a report or to be flamed … he is beter than most of you …

making spam topics that aint aloud is a waste too i think theres a rule on topics about persice people might wanna read up on it

just tellign ya

first off making posts about people is not allowed…everyone read rules to know em all. Keyser left RSR because made his own forum (runeescape).



ROFL! Keysers an idiot im my opinion i never really liked him ever since i saw his merchanting classes rofl. he charged 1mil per class on ‘how to earn more millions’ i mean any idiot can tell another person to ‘buy low and sell high’