Me At The Bronze Dragons!

Well I didn’t get anything good, but at least it was fun. All I got was:

11 Dragonbones
2 Mith 2h
10 laws
50 fires
60 addy javelins
Oh and about 2k

nice… even though u didn’t get anything that good, at least u killed a bronze dragon…

BTW nice mystic…

I killed 13 of them and one Black Demon :smiley:
Ty about the mystic

Nice any advanced metal dragon slaying tips?

Can I have a Mith 2h?(Trade for some cow hides?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I have a Mith 2h?(Trade for some cow hides?) :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, if you use range or magic, bring anti fire shield and pots (without pots you’ll still get kits up to five) and you’ll be invincible against the dragons. the anti fire pots will pay for themselves with the dragon bones you get.

how many cow hides 4 it?

That sucks you didnt get anything good…
But congrats on the stuff you did get! :lol:

Great job on the bronze dragons!!!Whats your magic level and what spell are you using?

my magic is 62 (the sig is old) and i’m using fire blast (i think thats it, its the one with death runes)

sweet ive never seen a bronze dragon before! nice job on killing those!


at least u killed like 10 dragons… thts kewl! :slight_smile:

Only 85 more and ull be on for drag legs or drag skirt :-p