Me casting wind wave

just thought i’d show what the wave spells are like to those non members of realm :smiley:

I am a member and i have never seen it before brother, pretty nice…brother lol

lol, and nice

well robotgangasta, it did not necessarily have to be for JUST non members lol

Was that a threat? jk

you must have misunderstod me…i mean how does that sound like a threat? forgive me if i am missing something

You’re not lol, it’s just… theres this website and it says to say is that a threat to any response.

DUDE THATS AWSOME, i would have to say I have seen all waves in another topic and Waves ARE THE COOLEST

Out of all the spells, I haven’t seen Iban Blast :frowning:

lol we got same magic

Iban blast looks really weird, first there is a a red flash and then a flaming skull flies at the opponent. :?

Errr nenvermind I don’t want to see it lol :smiley:

zeddy i can get a pic for you if you want, shall i?

Yes.Do it please.Im a non member and never get to see those spells.

ok next time i go maging (probably tomorrow) ill cast it and take a pic if you can hold out until them k?

Wow that looks cool!

can you post a picture of a wave spell when it actual hits the monster?

lol ok ill do that tomorrow royung