me cutting a maple tree = )


thats retarded :? :? :? lol

Wel lthats very interesting ill observe it closely…1 hour later…Just a regular picture

whats so special? lol u look like santa

wdf was the point in that lol :?:

He had a post about looking like santa yesterday, and whats so special about a maple tree???

Maybe he’s just saying that he got to the level of being able to cut maples. If that’s the case, congrats. If not, what’s the point of the picture? Also, crop your pictures please.

wow nice, u reahced the lvl of cutting maple trees… good!
i can cut yews… lol! :slight_smile:

OMFG!!! The sky… its BLUE!!!

:o :o :o :o :o

nICE wihs they where in free wlrds

people. people. im 69 wc and anyways i was showing my friend how to make a pic…

woop de doo

thanks for showing that to me… i’ve never seen a maple tree, as i’m a f2p… looks interesting…

Whats the piont of this post?