me (first screenshot)
this is me this my first screenshot and i suck at making them so please dont laugh.

Thats Pretty Good…But U Kinda Have To Crop It Down…(Painting it white wont help :))

ok ill try that

Do u know how to crop it down?? I Can Tell If You Want

no im afraid not

Ok…Go To Paint…

now what

Open Up Your image…

my brother just colored all over it he wont let go of mouse

oh well just tell me how srry bout double post

Pretty good cept u went a little crazy with the white…also is that all u have? a snelm and rune scimmy? jw

yes im poor my bank is almost all quest stuff EDIT:ill just go to how to make a screenshot guide

Kk, On Paint, On The Right Tool Bar, Click On The Rectangle On The Top To The Left…There “Rectangle” All Of The Image that u want to show…after u have done that (with rectangle traces still on) Copy! Then After that, make another paint window and then paste…then save :slight_smile:

now my screen shots should look better

ok i fixed it

Your Very Welcome! :smiley:

cute :wink: u look cool by the way

hey Sarp…in post 15 did u just tell him how to make the pic smaller and edit out the white stuff? thats not really cropping it down.

Like here:

There it is without the white background

Cropping…W/E!! Lol…I Just Thought Cropping was the rii term

Sorry For Double Post But I Dont Think That Hocky Got It…