Me In Trouble!

Me/Hi is on the verge of commiting suicide. I need proof that we all love me so i won’t do it.Hurry!!!

I Demand An Ip Ban On This!

Please don’t spam my topic, i’m about to stab myself. somebody write me a poem, quick.

You have no heart.
Go to Hell.

Stop mocking jolio!!! MODERATOR!!!

He’s banned, permanantly. Thank you Jolio.

Oh dear… slipping in your own crap into a pit of permanent ban?
Dear dear… let me put a bandage on that… oh wait… my wound is real… yours isn’t…

Can I say something which i hope i don’t get into trouble for.

What A dick head!

Mocking jolio, glad he’s banned, whoever banned him needs a medal. Hope it was jolio who banned him, serves him right

It was me… he deserved it…

I say you delete this topic!

Is it possible to IP ban that dick? I’m really starting to get pissed off at him coming back, time after time, having been banned on multiple accounts, still not realising that he really isn’t wanted here…

Someone mocking another’s pain is not funny, not right, and very wrong.


as long as he’s banned :smiley:

He’ll just create a new acount with a similer name, then our lives will be poluted(sp?) with an arsehole again.

Nah, Takes longer to make a new account with a new e-mail to validate it with than it does to type his name into the