Me my dad and my dog

This is me my dad and my dog i’m the one wearing the red shirt.

hehem cool

Is your elbow on ur dads nut area?

ROFL. good observation abeginner4u.
Question for abeginner4u… is this “matt” or “chase” (and which one is the supposed true owner of the IP you’re using, and which one is sleeping???)
It takes some guts to post replies right after hacking into a moderators account. I don’t mean to sound evil, but I’m just wondering

No its on his leg…


I told you I was 9 years old I just proved it.

This is master attacker I tried logging in to master attacker and it said invalid user or pass and I forgot the answer to the question to get account back ill even prove i’m master attacker just ask me questions ill answer all!

this must be related to the hacking of infil, other than infil, this has happened to two others, dont worry i will report this in the thread concerning this

dude go work out and your dad should too… lol…sorry for being “mean” but you should. im 11 and i already work out and da ladys love me…and also my grampa rod is dying in the hospital because he eats poorly and never worked out. :cry: :cry: :cry: …well i hope you take my advise

dont be mean dude

oh crap ty for your thing that says bounty hunter dog that reminded me dog the bounty hunters on! off i go to watch dog the bounty hunter :smiley:

i like the picture u took its not blurry or anything and i like ur dog

Can anyone help me getting master attacker back?

this is dum i think because this is for rc screen shots y would we wanna see ur dad?

Its suppose to be my dog…

Y did u say u wer the one in the red t shirt it pretty obvious u aint the dog(or is it!? :? )

dragondude, i have already reported your hacking to the mods, and we are waiting for duke to return before any action can be taken

masterattacker i can help you get ur file back

shutup mod, i hate u