Medium Bank Sale!

Prices are:
Rune scimitar 35k each (4)
Willow logs 25 each (2465)
Steel arrows 35 each (309)
bronze arrows 5 each (351)
Cut diamonds 4k each (6)
Law runes 750 each (150)

i’ll buy a diamond, my rsn is michaelks

Err…sincre u have 4 scimmy’s ,can u lower the price?

I will buy 5 law runes for 3250gp.

Can u plz???

all the bronze arrows and steel arrows(steel=30 each ok)i buy them all

Ok people, I’ve sold all the stuff…so you can stop asking for stuff.

i buy ur bronze arrows 5gp ea ok? :stuck_out_tongue: the more bronze arrows the better i pay