Mega duel arena GLITCH

If mastered you could stake and double team people. It is amazing don’t question the picture I saw it first hand.

looks fake…

It’s not fake jpg gives bad quality sometimes but it’s not fake.

crop them, and omg thats awesome!

how do you get good servers like that???

Dude thats awsome!

… that looks fake…

that looks great but could be a fake

Ownage! And it isn’t fake, I saw it in World 2…

yeah it isn’t fake. But its not what it seems. All it is is two people o top of each other and each one is attacking somone else.

Or its a fake =P.

It is not people piled on each other as I have seen them move. No, it isn’t fake either. Hard to prove but it is not. Second picture sara chick flinches at same point they both attack. First pic proves: The santa hat is attacking the sara chick and hits 0 (proves that santa is fighting sara girl) While the sara chick attacks the dharok chick and hits 0 (proves sara is fighting dharok).

Don’t advertise glitches or cheats on these forums as doing so is against the rules of Jagex.

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