meh, killed a noob and it dropped fire cape

what a noob, took 11 tries and 9m out of bank to kill that fat dude, oh will it was all worth it

my guthan degraded half way there :X still owned his a*s

Lol owned the biggest noob i know of, nice job btw :smiley:

nice y did it take 9m out of ur bank?

thats a lot for a cape =P Congratz!

why did you even keep at it after it cost 500k :duh: :duh: :duh: :duh:

thats what i call determenation

lmao i hope you LOVE that cape…

meh, it costed alot because i used in the begining rune arrows(bad idea), then i had to buy 2 crystal bows, and recharge them for the first time for900k

that what made it so expensive, i still have 11m and my phat and barrows in bank though

daaang very nice man


That’s an item I will never get :slight_smile:


Congratulations, must’ve been really hard…

is that the ONLY way to get those? but if it is, then that musta have been wicked hard! isnt that guy like lv 701 or something? well anyways great jareb!!!

lvl 701…pshhhhhhhh easy kill :wink:

congratz on the cape

0wn3d t3h n00b.

Grats on owning the highest level monster in the game! Wear that cape and use it to own the other nubs that don’t have it :wink:

How long did it take you, start to finish?

z0mg congratz, how long did it take?

grats on cape

Congratulations on your new cape. Now you have a water… err… lavafall on your back! :slight_smile:

2 hours for every trip, and i did 11 trips, so that will be 22 hours :X

massive congratz…9 mil is a lot for 1 cape…

nice one, ima get it too soon :smiley:

Congratulations, you amust have been really determined to get that cape.

I LUFF that cape, it looks so cool. I love fiery stuff. -grabs on your fiery cape-