~Meh, some more pk's~

Just bought those 1k deaths, get ready for some more R00N pk’s :)(p.s. thanks to archas, tought me how to make the pic show up and not have to click it :))

^it was 3 on 2 and my friend was maging(77 mage) and we made 1 of his friends tele, then they split up so we decided to just team 1 guy =]^^

^^0wnt pl00x?

Remember: I am only 63 combat and have 1 defence, thats why i carry teles, i NORMALLY do no bring teles to castle because i can survive and walk back while being attacked, but when your gettin hit by about 11 dudes at the same time ( i dont take pics of pk’s because by the time it saves im dead) your basically dead or teled with 1-10 hps =\

R0000000000000000000N :wink:

Nice kills!

Maybe learn to crop too. Good pics though mate.

Nice kills! Learn how to crop pls =)