66 magic on The0ry. :).

Hope you enjoy the mage guild and nice.

nice job…i always tought that you were like 90 magic or something :slight_smile:

nice man…and in your sig it says fishing twice

Cool, my Magic is only Level 41.

go for 85 mage :slight_smile:

cool man hope you have funn in the guild

nice man…and in your sig it says fishing twice

maby it is because he has got to the goal and has set a new 1

The0ry is such a noob compared to 0xioix0.

Grats anyways noob.

DM me and then say that, noob.

grats (H).

You pwn me irl :smiley:

nice mage man


congratz…stat pic please?

wow congratz :smiley:

gratz, pur3 ownage kai? :slight_smile:

Go ogo, its your birthday, gonna partay likes it your birthday…

Nioce. dddd

Gratz Ogo!! The0ry owns me pl0x?

Lol whats his pures account name?

Okie dokie.

Bring 100M :mischievo

Nice magic level! Keep up the good work!

Nice work ya got on your hands with the pure.
Keep it up, and make sure to keep going til you hit the tops. :slight_smile: