member bank?

This is my cousins bank and he wants to know if anyone it is worth anything good. They are all members objects.

well thats a nice bank as far as i can tell nothing = nothing… please get the picture in hand me down lol… btw nice sig… :slight_smile: i need to see if mine will work! GAH!

Edited not much of worth in there id say at most 2k for it all ill have to look deeper at it… if i were a member which i have a member acct i would be generous and pay 5k…

What do you mean u can’t see it?

Anyway, your sig isn’t working because you need to update it through ‘your account’ and then ‘info’ not profile.

Edit* he isn’t a member any more but can you still trade them?

oh you said it back words its profile not your account then info…

also when i said i couldn’t see it i honestly didn’t see the picture but then again… if my main were a member i would pay 5k for all that stuff… thanks handme down btw like the sig?

Lol i’d have to say…about 1-2 gp :-p

Ya seriously dats worth nothin :roll:

lol white berrys r 500-1k each so about 25-50k

ps u cant trade members items when ur non meember

Then good luck selling them -.-

id have to say that is worth nothing at all.

Lol agreed.

lol your cousins nota very good member…50…i think jangle berries…

Well… uh… lets see here …
Um, I’m thinking like 10gp for.
sorry but that stinkzzz

Guys CONSTRUCTIVE critiscism.

Well…it good be…a bit better…Only worth about 50k thanks to the berries.

What is everything?! (from the left 2 the right plz)

No one really buys the berries for 1k ea now, soz that bank is not worth a lot :frowning:

What is everything?! (from the left 2 the right plz)

I’ll have a go…
Giani cook book?
Chart (used for treasure trail coordinate clues)
Witch’s diary (from that quest with the little boy - Witches house)
Brass/dusty key? (there are so many keys in member world…)
God knows…
Watch (also used for treasure trails)
Sextant (also used for treasure trails)
White Berries (used for high level herblore)

Don’t blame me if I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

yeah that bark thing is bark sample from grand tree quest and the fish are cod…if he’s not a member anymore he should drop it all unless he is becoming one again…

No one would want to buy that anyway… except maybe the berries. SO yeah… pretty worthless lil bank he’s got!