Member help

Well i am searchin help possibly some1 thats a member or ex member or just knows alot about members because i am comin a member soon and i would like to have some1 help along my way if u want to or r willin to help say ur rs name NOT PASS I REAPEAT NO PASS!!! JUST UR RS NAME
and if u use swiftswitch or not plz

in your other thread about you loosing a phat after that are you still gunna play??

wat i just posted in that thread i didnt lose a p hat i just posted there buy wilkl u help me???

When r u becomin a member?

really soon well after i am prepared

ill help u iv played since rsc came out and when u could pk any where i also remeber when they came out with d longs on classic and they looked exactly like brozne longs i also remeber when 2hs where mils so yea add me ill be on later today

rs name= Sir Matthew3

3 tips:

1)Get TONS of cash ready, you’ll need it for the dragon weapons and other great looking things which will be available to you.

  1. Cut large amounts of logs to get fletching up quickly.

  2. Look on the quest menu and the quest guides on rsr, then get the things ready so you can start doing them instantly

ty both of use for the tips and help ill addu l8er kk im actually on my bros computer and i cant play rs on dis so yer ill add u l8er kk ty again

just become a member without preparing…it eassier to get everything

well AKA im actually only gonna be a member for like 1 month or so maybe 2 if im lucky even luckier longer then 2 so yer i dont want to waste time as a member wen i could be ready for it wen i was a f2p so yer

hint: if ur only gana be a member for a little wile, dont go overboard with members stuff!!!, im a member and i got a full bank(no way im going back to f2p)

less than 5 months? well done, either dont bother, or, if ur wc is high, just cut magic logs n sell em 24/7, youll get like 500 mil or something lol if u do that ALOT for 2 months.

lol more tips and know way im goin over board lol

Well, try to maintain your bank and dont go around getting one of each. Do some quests and I would reccomend you have 60 attack. Also, try to cut normal logs, oaks and willows while you’re F2P and use those to get at least 50 fletching. I would also reccomend getting a start at Runecrafting while you’re F2P so when you’re a member you’ll just craft natures right away.

already got 2225 oaks 3.2k willows and gettin 5k normal logs i got bout 1.6k now and i got bout 2.2k ess and i got 27 rc also 60 wc need 60 att 60 str and 40 def