Members Bank Sale

I am selling the following things at roughly the following prices.

  • 3 Ring of Wealths - 80k each
  • 1 Dragon Battleaxe - 150k
  • 1 Dragon Spear § - 550k
  • 1 Magic Boots - 100k
    -1 Guthix Page 1 - 50k

90k for granite shield?

ill buy those rings of wealth

p.s. what is your rs name?

My rs name is icedearth525.

I’ll buy one ring of wealth!

Message me in game redwraith, I believe you have rubies to sell me as well.

Sure do! Let me see if I can get on!

Sale has been updated.

I’ll buy dragon Battle ax for 150k

srry no i cant weild need to do quest so im not buying