Members objects..

when youre membership runs out do the members items u had stay in ur bank or something as members objects? , cause im going on holiday and everytime my members has had 1 day left onit i have renewed but i wont renew this time as im going on holiday and i dont wonna loose my members items

Well unless you end it, it automatically renews it. The members items stays in your bank as members objects until you renew it again.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

It wont automatically renew as im SMS i asked some guy on official runescape forums , customer support thingy…

yes, they do

you members oblects stay there but you cant use um!

Bah dint usem y phone muhahahahahahaha

yes and even if you have more items than a f2p bank can hold they will stay there, so aslong as you plan to become a member again ur fine

yes they stay in your bank until you drop them