Membership Better than Non-Membership?

Ok, I can’t really answer this question, but, I’m a f2p and don’t want to waste money on becoming a member. If you play the game about 4-10 hours a day, then I’d say the price is worth it. I am not the person though that gets on everyday, so then there is no point in me becoming a member. If you really think about it, this is a computer game and there is no point in paying for it. 5$ to 9$ a month is rediculous. The only thing that i know most people become a member is to get Dragon Armour, and then after that they never play again. This isn’t everybody, but most people I know. What are your personal opinons about this?

not to be mean but NO ONE ASKED YOU!!!


What the heck!? Noone asked me what? that is a pointless post. I would like to know what you mean. Staying a f2p is my opinion, and I’m asking others what theres is, not a rude comment

u can have your own opinions, but i think that $5.00 a month is DEFINITELY worth it

Ok thanks, this is the kind of post I would like to see.

yeah me 2… 5$ a month isnt that much…

o and btw when i sad no one asked u, i was kidding.


OK, I was wondering, “what the heck is that suppsed to mean?”

Just don’t worry about it, he was trying to be funny and it backfired… He wasn’t funny. Becoming a member is worth it if you have done about everything you can do in free world. Plenty of new quests, skills, magic, weapons. Compared to other computer games such as Everquest and Final Fantasy 11, which cost 15$ a month plus you have to buy them for around 50-100$ to get the game at first, it is well worth it… If you like that kind of thing anyways…Bye…

I play f2p aswell, i am thinking of upgrading to the members version when all my skill levels are atleast in the 85-90 mark, i have never autoed and never will so this might take awhile. if you consider it, $5 a month is nothing, its just like having two drinks at the pub, or a hambuger at Hungry Jacks. $5 is still value if you only play atleast 5 times a month, i rememmber when i used to go too the game place wasting around $30 on car racing games and air hockey. wait i still do! 8O

well, im f2p also, but im thinking on upgrating to members on the summer for a month or two, and then go back to f2p and do that all summers, because i dont go to camp and the only thing that i do that gets me out of the house is work or a nice day. therefore in my opinion i would say that, unless you have a whole month with nothing to do, not even school, i think that you should become a member, but unless you only play for two or three hours a day, i would find it a waste of money.
oh, and 5$/month is a lot when you dont get either allowens nor money from work.

Thank all of ya’ll for saying your opinions. I expect more post to be posted in this topic later.

Well, I would become a member if I knew that my parents weren’t gonna kill me as soon as they found out I was paying for an online game per month instead of focusing in college… (For those who might take the word “kill” litterally… I meant like they’d get uber mad at me…) And also cause I don’t have a job so I can’t pay for it… But I’m fine as an f2p… Plus I don’t play much and sometimes go without playing for like 3 months because of college… So yeah, to me, it’s only worth your money if you play a lot each day… I mean if you are barely playing, that’s just a waste of 5 bucks… But like you said sirjacob, 4 to 10 hours a day would be worth it… Well, there’s my opinion…

I play every day as a member. Here is an advise:

-Member’s payment is worth it, but dont do it without ur parrent’s permision. Pay in credit card, because i “pay by cash”, and it is 35 dollars every 3 months (thats the minumum u can pay via western union).

I hope u think well about this, be shure u have done everything in non.members first. And btw, u should really enjoy the new arrows in the storesm they are a really cool update!

someone is paying for me :wink:

I am a agreeing with most people $5 is not much and it is what i spend on lollies in 2 weeks so it isn’t that much to me or some other people!!!
I can’t wait till i get dragon full and all the other good members things it is the best thing i have done for ages and i make around $50 a month!!!

i make around $50 a month!!!

Oh, do you work for your parents and get that as allowance or do you acutually work at a store with non-relative employers? Cause if it’s the non-relative employer’s job (One you have to apply for and be interviewed to get the job…), then 50 bucks a month isn’t a lot and you’re being ripped off… I’ve heard of people who are waiters who can get like a hundred dollars in worth of tips in just one shift… (Varies between 3ish to 8ish hours…) But yeah… I’m presuming it’s just an allowance or you’re helping your parents with their work or such…

5$ a month is definitely worth it compared to other games. lets see… xbox live is 12$ a month and worlds or warcraft is 20$ a month so its pretty cheap

Right. Membership is worth it if you play like 4-10 hrs a day, but not if you hardly play it. I am a F2P, I would become a member, But Just like what Geminiman said, thats my reason why I am not a member.
Its $5 a month. Not much. I could find $5 right inside my couch, it is definetly worth it, Ecspecially compared to other games, just like what MutationCM said.

And I myself have reached 700 posts! * Celebrates 700th posts. *

Good opinions…

Well actually i get paid around $62 a month 12 from mum and the other $50 from walking catalogues it is $4.76 from where i walk per catalogue and $2.38 for every catalogue after that !!!

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