Merchanting classes

The classes will be returning next week. I will be trying a new format and new times. Look for details tomorrow.

Those of you who have taken the class and want to show off the fact that it made you a millionaire can use these avvies

I will have classes next week, details to be posted tomorrow.


Cool. remember i messaged you about how long they would continue? Well let me know when you set up the dates and times.

Once you start it again, I would be happy to take your classes. I’m out of school now, so it will be alot easier to make your times.

Yes, I know the interest is there, as people ask me everyday if I will teach them, it’s just a matter of finding the time to do so.

lol keyser ur images didnt show in ur first post because u italicized the [IMG] brackets… edit and try again:ninja:

OKay thanks, I am look forward ot this :slight_smile:

drk hero, i used the italics to SHOW people the code if they wanted to use them

Lol Keyser and drkhero… Also, where will you be posting sign-ups for your next class? And does it cost any money to take?


yes, yes it does. This kind of advice isn’t free…

I’m not sure where to post it. I used to do it in off-topic, but then it was ometimes moved to runescape or to help, so I’m not sure.

I found the classes helpfull, but you need cash constantly and a lot of time and patience, unfortunatly i dnt have that, maybe i will sumday!

How much are classes?!

You all have NO patience… I said the info would be up today!!

ior go and read the old posts about it!

Oh sorry my mistake!

I can’t wait to become rich again! Keyser, when you make a new thread for the classes, can you post the link to it here?

yea i finish school on thursday so i will be able to make almost all times now.
i missed that last group of lessons, i’m dying to attend one this time i need some more green stuff