merchanting tip for those who buy coal and iron to make steel bars

aight usually you cant buy iron for under 80-100gp ea right? well noobs do not know the value and will think even 50 is an awesome deal. i remember when i was a noob and i thought even 1k was a lot. well they become very excited to find out you will give them 5k for 100. BUT 100 is a lot of iron for a noob who mines at such a slow rate. you need to explain to them that this is only 5 trips. also tell them where the stair exit is in the southern mines. you know the “secret” entrance. many noobs dont know about this exit and you must explain/show them where it is. also tell them to run because of the scorpians. they will love you for giving them what they think is a good deal. now to find these noobs go to where the noobs mine: northern falador mines where the iron is. i havent tried for under 50 yet but i will. who knows maybe they will find 20gp ea decent?

thank you for your reading! it was just something that popped into my head and it ended up working so i hope it works for you. and be persausive to the noobs!

if you try it say if it worked for you too. i want to know if it was just me it worked for or if it really is a good merchanting tip.

yea so i was like awsomely walking and a noob came up to me and i said…i said hey kid wanna sell me some iron. “srry mr.sirsir but i aint got any” explained the noob. "all you have to do is get me 100 (= to 5 trips) and ill give you 1k. “wow really…but 100 is alot of iron how bout 1010 gp” earged the noob. “okkkkkkkkkk” i said and the noob was off mining. Now this just goes to show that with the proper amount of skill you can suceed!

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