ok ive saved up like 300k for fishing lobbys and i want to get into merchanting. can any one (preferably keyser) offer me any tips on what to buy? or how to start? etc? thanx for the help

Go to al karid to world 1.
buy 3000 cowhides for 100ea.
sell them for 200ea on runescape forums.

i dunno spending 300k seems kinda risky, and i dont know any one who would buy them for 200 each!

Do it!!!

Well for example, I just bought a full cannon for 450K to some guy desperate for pure cash and sold it in the next minute for 600k. Now thats easy money.

what about buying like full black (g)? or something will that work?

buy something cheap, sell higher…
anything works, as long as someone wants/needs it

I used to merchant willows, doesn’t take a high wc skill. Say ‘buying willows 20ea’ and sometimes you get lucky and noobs have 1k logs, or sometimes its like 10, lol, just close those =).

Anyway while chopping your own willows buy as many as you can for 20ea, i do this on f2p mind you. The trick i learned is to chop 3-4 loads of willows while saying you buy, by that time you’ve exhausted all the logs of people who are willing to sell on that server, then switch to another.

My record was 7k willows an hour, and my record sale each was 40ea… double money…

It wasn’t bad but with more money i can do steel bars now, its been pretty profitable (blew 450k on rune(t) legs today =) )

So, thats how i got my start merchanting, about 250k and a rune axe =) Turned it into 1.4mil within i’d say 1-2weeks, it just goes faster and faster once you start.

Oh yeah in terms of risk, the worst that happens with merchanting is that you break even! So long as you have an idea of your target buy price and expected sell price, you will be ok. If you buy 3,000 hides at 100ea, and you can’t find a buyer, someone will pay 100ea for sure, ive seen that many hides go for 150+ at the very least. Good luck! =)