Messaging Me on RS

I have noticed that a lot of people have been messaging me in game lately and I have also noticed that a lot of you get impatient quickly when i don’t respond.

First of all, just so you all know, I multi-task about 90% of the time. For those of you that don’t know what that means, that means I do other things while playing RS. So I won’t see every message that I get.

Second, I talk to a lot of people and I don’t always see your messages.

Third, I don’t usually respond because many times it has led to begging. Even though I know many of you wouldn’t, that is just how it has been.

Fourth, I also don’t usually respond because I don’t have business with you. I only have limited space on my friend’s list and many times I need that space for buyers/sellers’ names. So many times if I talk to you, you will think I will always talk to you and you will continue sending me messages.

So for all of you that out of no where want to send me messages, think about these before you do and before you start flaming me.

Thank you for reading.

Oh well, I always took your opinion into consideration when i sent you a pm about buying red d hide form you…
…which by the way i hate beggars but i was going to buy some from you knowing that you can make some lol srry if i added to your spaming!

Well now that is a different story, if someone said, I am buying/selling so and so from me in their first message, I might actually talk to them. But I hate it when I get messages saying, “Hi my name is mr. smith and I am from RSR”

P.S. Just got 76 range in rs, oh yea.

rofl…did a guy named mr. death message you? (he has messaged me and is very annoying) yea, i can see why you are annoyed…maybe you should turn private chat to friends

I used to do that all the time, but then people either flame me here, or they just say things like i don’t care about people.

Well, you may not have gotten my message but if oyur willing to sell me red d hide then ill buy but…
…I wouldnt know how much they are worth?

I find that’s just better in general, because otherwise some noob will want to buy something from you for a rediculously low price, and you say no, and they end up bugging you about it for 5 minutes until you put them on your ignore list.

And being well known, I’m sure, it happens to you 10 times as much as to the rest of us.

You have no idea how much I used to have to put up with. It’s not as bad now, but after the whole Calenel thing, I couldn’t go 10 seconds with my private chat on normal. It was always on friends.