messed up barrows :S

well i died there, didnt lose nything major, so no problem. but how i died is confusing. in the maze i got to the chest. since the new update makes it so when you open it the 6th brother appears i got ready for karil. then i open the chest an out pops dharok, and he fires bolts through my range protect hitting 20-40 .wtf? i went on forums, this problem is happening alot, account of 3 uthans appearing in dharoks tunnel, and ahrim hitting like dharok. is dharok ill?

omfg I just picked up full ahrims and karils on ground there! Sum1 died, it’s mahor glitch.

C’mon, everyone know’s Fagex can’t make this game flawless if they had all the time in the world. So the chance of any recent update being good at all is low.

fr33 st00f lucky great clan leader of mine =P

yes barrows is messed up after i killed all 6 and searched chest and everything i got nothing… it sucks

what the that is so so messed up… thats it im neva going back to barrows… well until they fix this

I was there earlier and got thought ahrim would be at chest. So I didnt pray and i put on range stuff. Then ahrim hits a 56… Thank You ring of life!

Awsome but sucky im gona go loot lol.

Fagex? LOL!


Omg this is a mojor glitch that needs to be sorted!

off to ahrims hole graVE =P

god this is nuts. i reported it to jagex

Hmm… Seems like a good way to get some money! (Looting, that is.)

hmmm maybe i should just wait at the chest…