Michael Jackson Case


I think he shall be guilty compared to what he has done to little children I say lock him up an throw away the key!

GUILTY! For all the things he’s done to children… lock him up for life (I wish)

Yo yo yo we gotta lock that dude up! Lol people might agree, or disagree wit me, but from what I’ve heard, that dude deserves it (kinda off-topic, but my mom met him :eek: )


i heard on the news that if he is guilty cough of course he is cough mimium of 20 years for child molestation chrages and he would go 2 one of the things like martha steward went 2.

i think he’s guilty myself… this is my opinion i think he molests little boys. disgusting…

As much as I love his music, why did he have to make himself white/ugly/disgusting and like little children…I mean look at him when he was like 20 ~! He was hot, all the girls wanted him ( It might sound gay coming from a guy, but hey, its true )

I mean, you really never know what it might turn up, guilty or not guilty.

Id have to choose guilty, but he won’t stay in prison, he will pay his way out. And if he doesn’t go to jail, it’s because he either paid to not go, or something…

hes going to prison if hes conviceted they were even showing the jail he will go to temporaliary… i dont think you can pay your way out of prison

Trust me, if Russel Crowe goes to prison, which he probly will.
(He threw his telephone from his hotel bedroom at the concierge because he couldn’t make a call to Australia.)
I think Michael can, I mean hes so loaded, what can’t he do with the law. He probly already tried to pay the judge, lets just see what turns out.

P.S. Russel Crowe might not be able to ever come back to the U.S. because of this BS. (He was probly drunk)

Really?! Wow didn’t know that this Russel Crowe dude was so stupid! Lol Ima turn on the TV now to se was up.


if michael tried to pay judge melville he would probaly already be in jail. from what i have heard judge melville aint the nicest…

there is no way in my mind that man is guilty all you guys are doing is reading the papers an beliving itso if you saw in the papers tommrow elton john isnt gay you would belive it. my brother has met micheal jackson and is a big fan he said him and micheal only talked about his albums and music he signed all his books and cd’s etc etc but he never sed anything sick and this was before any aligations they lock him up and il go sick!

no. i have watched tv (courttv) for the last week while the jury have been in dileberation. not to mention there have been prior aligations. i think hes guilty… but i think it’s cool the way M.J. helped children by talking to them and signing things for them. but i think he has gone to far when (my opinion) started molesting little boys. (again that last part is my opinion).

Micheal Jackson gave me nightmares…


Here he comes 1 min or less

I say guilty

he has already entered the court house

He has now anyway

jackson looks as if he about to collapse