Michaelks' sig shop (First 4 free!)

I’m making some cool sigs for everyone on rsr. My first 4 customers will get one for free. Here’s some examples of my work.

These are just samples and I can make many more. I’m using two programs (Image Suite 9.0 and photoshop elements) so you have many varieties to choose from.

Here’s what you should post:

RS Name:

Backround Color and Effect: Ex. Blue ripple, red flame etc…

Text Positioning: Ex. Bottom left corner, middle, etc…

Offer (must be over 10k):

Overall Description:

Other (anything else you need to add to make the picture clear):

You must also add sig made by Michaelks in your signiture.

Remember, my first 4 customers get their sig

hey im not really interested in buying one…yet anyway, but i am interested in learning the tools of the trade. could you teach me and in return i will work fo ryou? please email me at Runescape_luckyyy@yahoo.com

learn how to spell…caos?? its chaos

At the time I did that, I thought it was his username spelled wierd.