mid terms stink

i have mid terms tomorrow and i havent studied i think im gonna bomb them

i have mid terms but not for a week or two…but i never studya nd i havent failed one yet :wink:

I have midterms all next week…

man that sucks…well good luck man

Yes I agree that midterms suck… But man, this late? My midterms where usually before Christmas break… In all private school, public school, and college… But I’m guessing their changing… Good luck on them…

thx tomorrow i have the worst english, world history, and biology, my hardest classes, it couldnt be worse :lol:

I have my first one on Thursday. French, which is actually my best subject for some strange reason. I have algebra, history, and physics next week. Luckily, we don’t have an english midterm, we just had to write an essay on Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

i just had a book report due in addition of my midterms…Being There,by Jerzy Kosinski (i spelled that right!)

that would stink, i have only math and english left :lol:

Mine start this monday, I got Biology, Orchestra, and World History.

i have mid terms next week and i’ve studied soo much

ahhh my head hurts ahhh

i hate mid terms. they hurt my brain :x

i did not like studying for the midterms but i made a’s on all of mine