midnight pk trip!

hey everyone…think u can stay up late with me!!!

im hosting a midnigh pk trip at 12:00est

lvl will be annonced at time

F2P n P2P are all welcome to come

if u want to come plz leave u rs name here

plz bing ur own food and only bring what u comfortable with losing because were goin past lvl 20!

this is one hour from now…so whos with me!!!

(any lvls may come, but plz mainly high lvls cuz im 71)

Mind having a measly lvl 61 tagging along?

im level 58 i think but 64 mage and i will bring binds if u want so i will come
where are we meeting?

good what are ur rs names?..and yes u can both come…i wil annouce where to go 10 mins befor

RS name: Xtremepkayer, Im tryin to buy some lobbies now. PM me the meeting place/world.

ok…cmon people…we need more pker…its gonna be fun!!!

il bring my main, lvl 67, what world?

its most likely gonna be in world 57

more people come!!! still got 25 mins!!

awww…damn, I cant go, I have to leave. Sorry.

…that sux…that means we only have 2people plus me…we need more or we cant go!!!

i would but i got not much runes or food =(

…go buy some u got 15 mins

my mains name is thekuz add him im buying food right now.

too much of a hurry sry =(

cmon u got time!..i sell u lobbies and u can go to shop and buy runes

sell me lobbies!!!

i only have 150 or so…so i can only sell u a little go to 57 and varrock east…u to wizard

wizard i can sell u 167 deaths to…come with us

where we meet?

ok im coming…pm me goblue23