Mime question

This isnt a post about whether mime is tradeable or members(I know the answers to both! :smiley: )
Ok, back in August when I started I got a mime and got mime legs and gloves.
Me, a noob, saw that it didnt increase my stats any so i dropped them! 8O
Do you think ill be able to get another set of mime gloves and legs?

Yeh I think you can but I think you’ll get them after youve got everything else.

What is that mime stuff? :oops:

Thanx for the comment cyclops.
Mega, mime stuff are clothing that is the rarest in the game.
It is non-tradeable, and from what ive heard, you get it most often while training, although I got mine by just sitting there being a noob! :lol:

i got a mime mask, i just let it sit in my bank and collect dust though lol.
i find them useless.

i want a mime mask but the stupid mime never appears :frowning:

lol ive gotten the mime a ton of times and i had fuill mime and i have all emotes but one… i lost boots while pk-ing lol

dumb question but how do u get the mime to appear nd get the clothes nd emotes for it??? :oops:

its a random event that will transport you to the mime stage where you have to follow the mime’s lead to win the clothes or emotes

ya it might take a long time to get all the mime stuff again

is it only for members?

No, I lost some mime stuff, got it back about 2 weeks later…

why is it that every body else gets a mim at like lvl 12 and ive got a lvl 63 account ad a lvl 65 account and a lvl 51 account but yet i still havnt got mime but ive got all the bad randoms!!!

hehehe i got mime legs and gloves but its sitting in my bank…wonder if its gonna turn to dust like that guys hehehe


all ppl with mime stuff, if u dont want, i will gladly take it off your hands

too bad you cant take it off our hands cuz its non tradeble :slight_smile:


if u could trade it i had been rich i gor 10 sets of them and all emotions on all my accounts : lvl 30 lvl 3 lvl 80 lvl 40 lvl 100 lvl 61 and lvl 8

dont u get mime stuff by not talking to a genie or old man random event and then they teleport u to the mime stage?

where does the mime appear and its not for just members?

You’re such a liar. Please silence yourself somehow.