Mime! Yay!!

Got body and boots as seen in the picture…I only messed up once I think…

I was behind varrock world 29 bank trying to sell my zammy legs and I looked on the forums…Heard the noise and was like yea boy! Oh and legs are still for sale for 600k…PM ME

sweet dude i used to have full mime but i dies with it on makin chaose runes lol

gratz on mime lol, first time i read through what u posted i thought u were trying to sell mime legs and i almost was about to get all up on your grill but i noticed the zammy legs halfway through it so i had to read it again lol
anyway, gratz man

I closed my grill a couple days ago =p

I might get a black beret to go with it I dunno tho…

gratz on mime, i only got stupid emote :frowning:

i havent got a mime yet

On my main I got a mime and I got climbing rope emote (looks like driving a car), second time I got top and boots.

u cant sell the legs… and nice i got glass wall and never messed up

congrats!!! i always wanted a mime :frowning:

I’m not selling mime legs as I don’t have them and they’re not tradable.I’m selling zammy legs…

Congrats on getting the Mime. I’ve never gotten the mime before :sad:.

Congrats. I’ve gotten the mime twice, got mime mask, climb rope and glass wall.

I’ve only gotten mime emotes lol. Congrats. Good luck on full, its never the same without the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotten the top the gloves and the mask and some kind of silly emote not sure what 1. grats on the boots and top.

Congrats on getting mime! I have full mime and only 1 emote :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet i only got a mime 1ce
bfore and it was on my now banned main

dude i’ve never had the mime or maze random…but i did have evil bob =p

nice dude i have full mime no mask or gloves but all the emotoins

Nice. I haven’t gotten any piece of the outfit but i have 1 emotion!! :slight_smile:

I bought sara legs as I’m merchanting and because I’m going for a really nice look that costs like 1.5m…