i got my second mime today:

and look what i got:

man im sooooo happy

way to go on the mime i really want one right at the moment

cool…but all u got was the mask? usaly u get 2 items or a emot…

my other one i got the climb rope emote but i just got the mask

dam i really want a mime, been a member a year never gotten one

Uh-uh not cool. I haven’t gotten one mime yet, and you got two. Lol enough ‘bout me… Congratz on gettin’ the mime mask and emote! You seem to deserve it.


ooh cooool!!! i want mime mask 2 :smiley:

Nice, :’( why don’t I ever get one lol

i was training melee on rock crabs both times.

so hope you can do it.

chicka chicka boom, cool but just to tell everyine if they didnt know, make sure to resize sigs…

mimes are my idols… they’re just soo… smart and… wise… and they have nice clothes

omg…i thought u could only get mazes at rock crabs…i got 5 mazes there and no mimes…i was there for a month!

Congrats, i just got a mime my self. I’m still waiting for the mask though.

Nice, really good work or luck as i should be saying ;)…

Yeah, it’s all luck, everything is luck for me.

i got one maze and 2 mimes at crabs. well good luck to all

sweet… well i already have full mime with mask and 2 emotes =] i got 5 mimes and 2 mazes all in the same place =]

awww…wish i could get a mime…havent had one yet:(

just keep training.