Miner 53 with comb 54

I am training my mining and combat and want to join a good clan.
Nearly have all rune armor and am active.

click on the link in sig to see my clan

U can join tempest knights we need miners
player mssg me

I am making a new clan called “The Legion of Ten Warriors.” Therefore, there will be only 10 of the finest warriors (at least really good)

The People will be called: 

Knight (2 will join) 
Archer (2 will join) 
Scimitarian (uses Scimitar - 1 will join) 
Battleaxien (uses battleaxe - 1 will join) 
Wizard (3 will join) 
Me (Knight/archer - i only count as one not two) 


Knight - lvl 50+ attack
Archer - lvl 50+ ranged
Scimitarian - lvl 50+ strength
Battleaxien - lvl 50+ strength
wizard - lvl 45+ magic

i wish for 3 knights to join 
i wish for 1 battleaxiens to join 
i wish for 3 wizards to join 
i wish for 2 archers to join 
i wish for 1 scimitarian to join 

-there is no leader, we all have equal rights and say in what we do.
-wear any outfit you please
-any level can join as long as they have the requirments

~apply for membership below, plz list what you wish to be, and list if you have the requirment or not - you may register on Runescape2 - My user name is Al Paca1

i have a post above urs, well now below as soon as i post, which i just did