Mineurs De Falador


As a founding member of this clan, I thought I might take a few moments to tell people about it.

You can visit the clan’s website @ www.minersonline.cjb.net for more info.

Thanks, suggestions and questions are greatly welcomed.


Anyone interested in the clan? We want to find out if theres a member base for this type of clan, before going any further.

u could tell us requirements, levels, events or something else…sry i dont click on Links from RSR anymore *due to obvious reasons

Ok, But you probably will have to visit our site sometime to keep up with the updates.

The Requirements are as follows:

  • All members must be mining level 20 minimum
  • All members must agree to our Code Of Conduct (Below)

Mineurs De Falador Code Of Conduct:

(1) No fighting between clan members
(2) All clan members must agree to official game rules
(3) No clan member has permission to cheat or scam
(4) All clan members agree to help each other as much as possible
(5) The clan is a mining clan, there shall be no Pking
(6) No racism, etc.
(7) All clan members must agree to work for the good of the clan

The COC may change from time to time, but everyone will be informed.

To join send:

  • First Name
  • Runescape ID (Exact name only)
  • Email address
  • RS mining level

To join@minersonline.cjb.net

Don’t double post.

If you are a founding member, you must be pretty intelligent, as far as I see the site.

Thank you, I presume that wasn’t sarcasm? There are only two of three founding members left in RS, myself and Connor (minerfalador), the guy who came up with the name. I designed the site, although it is quite simple.

ill join 37 mining. rs name nihon93

Thank you, I’ll put you down it our database, we’ll get in touch with you soon. Please help spread the word if you know anyone interested in mining.