Minimum Character Limit

We might already have this because of the switch to the new forums but I think that we should have a minimum amount of characters that you can post. I think it might encourage some more thoughtful posts and decrease SPAM. Instead of “Great pic, 10/10” like I often write, with the 25-character minimum you might have to say, “That’s a really good picture, I especially like the colors you used around the beret. 10/10.” I dunno, it’s just a suggestion.

Well there’s already a character limit, although it’s only 5 or 10 characters. I think that a 25 minimum character limit would get pretty annoying, especially when you’re just rating something. OR when a mod is making something a sticky and announcing it lol.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

I say it should be raised to at least 15. As messages like…
“Great, 10/10”
…Really annoy me as they are just a waste of space and don’t help with anything.

I dont want to, I sometimes have replies like:



Stuff like that. Example:

Can I smith black?

But you could write…
“No you can not smith black” instead

OK, maybe 25 is a bit too high for a minimum but I think 10-15 like andy said would be good. You could write something like, “Nope, unfortunately you can’t smith black armor in RuneScape, you probably won’t be allowed to.”

yea i would hate a higher limit…i already dislike the 10 character limit. some things only need simple answers like yes or no, and completely writing them out like Xgods example, INstead of saying “no” and saying “no u cannot smith black”…i mean it gives them the same answer but more typing

OK, maybe for those types of things you have a point but for a lot more things you need more than 10 characters. Question: Where is the Black Arm Gang HQ? Answer: Varrock. Well, I think with a higher minimum we could have a more accurate response.

yea for those kinds of questions a more accurate response would be helpful…but a lot of posts i make i state my topic and im done with less than 10 characters so i just gotta fill the rest up with useless things lol.

I suppose we could keep the current limit and just give friendly advice to those who SPAM. Sometimes you need a short response as all posts vary in length. Sorry, but I disagree with this idea.

yes having a higher character limit would make spams harder and give more detailed responses to questions like:
Could i kill elvarg?
or “No but if u train… you would be able to kill it with a good amount of food”


yea but see…if u look at ur suggestion Nicko, ur sayin the same things. wouldnt it jsut be easier to say no instead of tryin to add on the rest to meet chracter minimals?

I am just putting my opinion in and i am not saying “no” i don’t want it i am saying yes that it could be like 20 characters not 10


no let us have it as it is since then some ppl just say “no hahahahahaahahahah” to get the minimum rigth!

You could make it that posts in screenshots forum don’t count towards post count?

If someone wants to spam, they’re gonna spam, and get banned.

Yeah I don’t think that we really need it…Like everyone said you will end up typing pointless crap to fill up the limit.

If someone wants to spam, they’re gonna spam, and get banned.

Dag nabit… I was gonna say that… Otherwise, XGod and fil amu is right… If a spammer is gonna come on these boards to discover that there’s a 15 character posting minimum… Then he/she can just post “lol hahahahahaha” etc. to cover for the characters… Otherwise, it’s a nice idea but it can be easily overridden… And what about the smilie spams… Those are annoying, they would easily fit the minimum character requirement, and it’s still spam… As well as the "lol olollolol!!! Insert the letters “l” and “o” repeatedly for another 5 mins… spams… It’s a nice idea to reduce short messages that might annoy some but spam pretty much covers both extreme ends of the posting minimum/maximum… And we all pretty much know a maximum character limitation is out of the questions knowing there’s a double posting rule here on RSR… (The only reason why double posting is acutally legal on the GameFAQ’s forums… Because of a maximum character limit on each post…)