minin and woodcutin

i was wondering why cant i mine with a rune pik at level 1 minin but u can woodcut at level one with a rune axe. why is this?

i think its because the benefits of mining and woodcutting levels are different, mining with higher levels allows you to use better pickaxes and mine higher level ores such as Adamant, Mithril, etc. With woodcutting, it affects the type of trees you can cut, eg Yew, Willow, Oak

yes i agree. But here somehting freaky. I saw a lvl 13 wieldinga Rune pick. Don’t you wield that at your atk lvl in 40.

ever heard of wine pures back in rs1? and u dont even need to wield a rune pick to mine with it :wink: in fact, u dont need to wield any kind of pick, u can just hav it in ur invent

I aying is the character was using it to mine with a rune pick and atking with it.

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Maybe the mine tons and have a high mining lvl

Its exactly as he/she said. Its because of the benefits between the two. Mining is a major part of runescape while woodcutting really doesnt make a difference, escpially for non-members.

rugeba…i think that w/c makes even more money than mining! lol as mage logs are 1k each when you can do it…and yew logs 300 each.

Im sure it does, what Im saying is that Im pretty sure that mining has a bigger effect on runescape than w/c.

to the economy you mean?

Ya, thats what I meant.

oh ok i suppose then…but still i think its an unfair advantage to w/c’ers

I guess. But I mean tree cutting is way different from mining. You dont have ppl fighting over trees like you do with ppl mining over rocks.

of course you do…once a tree is cut…its gone and you must move on to the next…so if people cut it down before you you have to change tree.

LOL, the never ending battle. Lets just end it at I obviously enjoy mining and you obviously enjoy w/c and no matter what we say, were not gonna change our opinions.

but i dont enjoy either 8O lol…ahh well nice talkin ha ha

LOL, ya. Nice talking to you too!

I thought you only had to have level 41 mining to wield a rune pick… Believe me… I’ve seen level 3’s in the mining guild… It really blows you away when you see a level 3 in the mining guild but oh well… Maybe the character was just made to mine and that’s it… I mean, when I found joy in mining, I stopped working on every other skill… At one point, I think my mining was twice the level of my attack, defense, strength, and HP… No, not all together… I like to keep my stats balanced and in RSC, there was a controlled fighting mode that allowed the exp to go to atk, def, and str equally along with HP… I don’t remember my stats but I think when I was level 20 in atk, str, def, and HP, my mining was somewhere close to 40… I’m not entirely sure but yeah… Once I got hooked on mining, I couldn’t stop… The only reason why I don’t mine as much is because I’m shooting to get all non-member skills (I’m not a member so I can’t really get the members skills up to 30 or anything… But that should be obvious…) to the hiscores tables… And also just because it now takes like 40+k exp to advance to the next level… I mean, I still mine of course but not nearly as much when I started…