when ppl need quick lvls they mine iron right soo …what your faveroite thing to mine to lvl up quickly ???

This sooo gonna b locked dude.

iron give 35 xp per ore but to many ppl are mining it so it take 4 ever i kinda like to mine on coal cuz u get 50 xp per and u get really fast if u a member with 60+ mining so u can mine in the gulid cuz im members no1 ever mines in there

why dude?

why are u gonna lock my page i dident do nutthin wrong

Because you double posted, and typed in all caps. That’s why.

where the hell do u go to find these god dam rules ???

lol man your scrooed

ha ha ha ha
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

how do u become a mod?

Just stop talking please. It would help get rid of so many headaches.