Mining Bag

i think that there should be another bit of inventory… what i mean is that we buy an item from a mining shop and we can hold double the inventory space in this bag… the bag only carrys ores,essences and gems. this giving a hell of alot more patience. i find it alittle annoying going there and back serveral times… this way it cuts it… what do you guys think?

Well people would pay hella money for these due to the fact that if you could have one that took up one slot and it carried a whole load in it, you could carry 28 loads of 28 coals in your inventory of only 28. This is basically holding 28xmore If they came out there would be many miners.

ehh, i dont really like the idea. Maybe if the inventory was just increased by 8 or 12 instead.

It would make it too easy to reach 99 mining and smithing, duh.