Mining Inc.

Hey guys i thought of a name of my little business and now have changed a few things. But i still mine stuff for ya. Put in ur orders and do it quick coz first in is first served!
Rune Ess: 5gp 2k limit
Clay: 2gp 2k limit
Copper/Tin: 5gp 2k limit
Iron:10gp 2k limit
Silver 10gp 2k limit
I put limits on coz i couldnt keep up with all the big orders.
(all prices are 1 ore per the amount of gp)

im sorry but my account got hacked unlikely yes and im angry but my new rs name is Tiger Krunch and i will use this rsr name still i spose i will just mine rune ess, clay and copper/tin for a while prices still stand though and limits. yeah i will still take orders

hey ok since your ando159 account got hacked i’ll just be a perm buyer of rune essences ok for 5gp each? :slight_smile: Add me still on your new account

Ill be a perm buyer of coal and Iron at the listed prices…

Add me, AmishDJ

how bout 500 a week and i cant buy coal and iron

thats it man???:confused:I thought you said you played a lot so that means you can atleast mine me 2k a week?? Well if you can’t do 2k each then i’ll just be a perm buyer of rune essences 1k weekly and when your able to mine coal and gold ore ill be a perm buyer for those too. ok add em in the game on your new account :slight_smile:

You dont buy coal and iron? What does this mean.

hey i wanna do 500 coz i only got a bronze pick

OKay well ill buy whatever you can get.

atleast 1k man so you can lvl up your minig quicker use your brain, it helps all of us out if you get me 1k rune essences weekly man. :slight_smile:

ok 1k a week

ok deal shakes hands with Tiger Krunch thats a deal until you get a better mining lvl :slight_smile:

sorry amishdj i cant mine coal and iron

Why did you have it up there if you cant mine it?

But anyway… ill still buy when you get to that level.

he put that up there because his main account had a mining lvl able to mine that but his main account just got hacked so he has to take that down sooner or later until he can mine it again.

hiya m8, ill be perm buyer for the ess 5gp each.

ill have as much as you can get m8

add my rsn in my sig

wait can u specify how many u want on average

preferable 1k at a time m8y

lemme know what u can do, btw im on now wid cash

come on man i posted a request on your last froumiasked for 500 coal

look up the top i got hacked and cant do coal anymore just up to iron