mining jobs and ore buying and selling

hello everyone my account kimchi1234 and my other one djm150 are buying mining equipment taking jobs and buying and selling ores one of my accomplices is nate dawg17 is starting a shop ask him about Grant’s shop and say you want to have a job or buy or sell this is what we buy, sell, and trade

coal- 110 a piece no matter what 115 if you have a job
mith- 250 ea. (we dont need too much but some)
silver - 150 ea. nno matter wat a job or one time
gold- 200 ea ( we want a lot of that)

first off im trying to sell 21 addy ore so talk to me to buy that for around 18k
mith- ill not buy mith bars but i have some for sale i have 20 bars for sale and are making more but i need coal right now so sell that
gold- 200ea final no dealing
silver- umm offer for that

jobs- i am level 63 mining and 55 smithing so you can pay me too smith and mine you some too if you offer good
jobs- now talk to me about mining jobs I am offering and taking jobs

equipment- i have 2 addy piks for sale and two mith piks for sale sry no rune piks someone just scammed me mine but i am buying a rune pik from someone who has one for sale and i can trade some stuff for it too

now remember add my two accounts- djm150 and my main kimchi1234
and add my biusiness partner nate dawg17

ok, you say you are buying and selling soo…

i’ll buy ALL your gold ores and silver ores at 250 gp each, and I’ll buy ALL your coal at 150 gp each.