As a coal miner, I feel that sometimes it is hard to get coal due to the lvl requirements beign low, i.e. getting in the mining guild when you are lvl 60 results in more miners meaning less coal for me.

For me that would be way cool if jagex could at least raise the requirements to lvl 70, or make the mining guild bigger filled with more coal ore, well um I’d like to hear your suggestions and view weather you disagree or agree about this. :lol:


I disagree there is 37 coal rocks and 5 mirthril there and that is fine for a lvl 60 rwquirement but rather they should have incorporated some addy rocks and maybe even rune ones.

i agree with universal

less exigences and more rocks!

yeah, rocks rock.

I also agree with universal.

i agree fellow miner to rase the lvl to enter :stuck_out_tongue:

no, have more rocks. Just because you dont like how many people have worked their way up to level 60 mining to get in doesn’t mean they have to be kicked out.

Yeah, I also agree with universal… But maybe you can incorporate the two ideas… Like an extension to the mining guild… You’d just hav the regular, good ol’, reliable, nicely orgbanized (To a point), Insert positive adjectives about the mining guild mining guild and then an extension room that could have higher level mining rocks such as addy, rune (possibly), and maybe some more mith rocks (And maybe more coal, but I personally believe that 37 coal rocks are plenty) that is only available to higher level miners… I guess 70-80 would be a good level range for the minimum requirement… But then again, it might be a lot of work for Jagex… Sorry if my idea is pretty lame… But then again, even if they do make it real, it will probably be members only… :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I was a member… T_T…