Miscellaneous sale!!!

heres a picture of what i sell:

The prices are:

Dragon med: NOT SELLING!

Tan cavalier: Offer

Black (t) stuff: 110K

2 Mith Squares: 1k

Soul Runes: offer

Rings of Duelling: 750 each

Logs (Willow, yews and Oak): offer

Restore pots: offer

Energy pots: offer

Ring of life: offer

Amulet of Life: offer

Guthix Page (1): offer

…If your’e buying anything, send me a PM with runescape name and offer, or post it here…

plz buy, lol…

ill buy ur d med for 1.4 mil. hows that?

actually, i just decided that i wont sell it…soz…

but all the other items are just waiting to be sold!!

isnt that an amulet of power?

yea ity is…but i have sold it…

:frowning: i wanted to buy your d med…anyways…how about ur yews for 230 ea? …(plz)

i want the souls… i’ll pay 5k for the lot

If you want to buy something, PM me, im online right now…

110 k for the black t stuff thats alot… it doesnt even have a body and nobody wants the helm…

Ill buy a ring of dueling ,for 750gp :slight_smile: , rs name?

It says in my signature…but here it is: Lord Pain92