Miss Myspace 2005 winner is....w00t!!!!!

not me…<.<
but my older sister is now “Miss Myspace 2005”
she went upagainst alot of girls…and won! first place!..family pride!
any 1 here enterd that? and if you did…srry my older sister OWND YOU! lol…:madhatter

P.S. im so darn proud of her…;D

well whats her my space link?

^Yeah, what he said^

^Same as above^ Myspace is fun :slight_smile:

i dont know how to work myspace…but let me see if its in her favorites…

ill edit the link RIGHT here

EDIT: i cant find out how to work the darn thing…-.-…just look threw bulliten thingy…i think thats what she showd me…just look in the bullitin thing and go to miss myspace 2005 anouncement…

I don’t really like MySpace. I don’t really get what people use it for. I like Xanga better. Oh and congrats to your sister.

Cant find, aww too bad. nudgesask your sisterstops nudging

There’s no bulletin? Unless it’s posted by tom I won’t see it, and well… I don’t see it.

Proof please…

Congrarz for her and I like Myspace. :slight_smile: But you guys can’t see it! Hahahahahaha!

thats what im asking other ppl here to help me with…-.-

I searched the Myspace forums and events but I couldn’t find it. Try ASKING your sister maybe? :slight_smile:

lol ill die b4 i ask my sister for help…but instead i can post a bunch of pics of her to prove that shes my sister…MAUAHAHAH

ill do it when my family sleeps…lol

Did you guys know that someone two people were murdered resulting from a match on MySpace?

A girl and guy met online and then met each other in real life. The girl’s parents were (naturally) suspicious, and the guy shot and killed both parents. The girl hasn’t been seen since…

The site is:
www.missmyspace.com then click on the link.


Yes, it’s sad really. That is why I do not talk openly of my personal information here.

And Brown_wall, you live in L.A… Not L.V…

thats not my sister…<.<

i watchd over her shoulder and i saw this in the address bar

THATS my sister…shes the missmyspace winner…w00t…also if you scroll down on her page…youll see her heros…thats my older bro…;D

Lol, dats kewl :-p

Well hello Brown-wall’s-sister. :wink:

Her profile thing is ummm … odd … She’s 17 and she drinks alchohol? And there’s like stuff about drugs …