Mith and addy arrow drops?

Does any1 know what drop these?
From white knights you get 2 addy and 5 mith, thats the only monsters that ive seen drop em.

im not sure cuz im member and i just make em but cant u just buy em from store?

Yea, but in the store, addy go for 400+ and mith go for 200+.

not in rimmington…addy are 80 ea and mith are 32 ea :smiley:

R u serious???
If so, its time to make some money lol. :lol:

Sweetness, I train on White Knights all the time. Now i might actually have enough arrows to train ranging! once I can actually wield the bows necessary for the arrows…

hey you guys know how much are nature runes and how do you get in runescape classic?
>.<do you guys know

ice warriors and ice giants both drop mith and addy arrows.

Nature runes are 300-400gp in world 1. and to get into runescape classic, you just go down to bottom of main screen and click, play runescape classic.
has anyone seen moss giants drop both types of arrows, or lesser demons perhaps?

I was training at the white knights today and I got 20 mith arrows and 2 addy arrows from drops. I also bought a maple shortbow. I’m going to give my friend the materials and he’s going to fletch me mith arrows. :smiley:

Sorry that this is kind of off topic, but is the maple or willow bow better? I’m guessing maple, but anyone who knows for sure, I would appreciate your input.

Maple bows are better.

Yup, Maples let you use Addy Arrows which do more damage.

Lol I killed like 50 white knights today and I only got 2 addy arrows!!!And also other stuff that white knights usually drop.

I spent 2 hours killing white knights and still no arrows :frowning: