hi guys i just wonder where is the best place to mine mith.
and by the best place i mean close to bank i am p2p

Not sure about p2p, but for pure mith i find that the hobgoblin mines in the wildy is decent.

Other than that i get a few at the mining guild here and there.

mining guild…lol common sense

P2p is not good for mining mith… theres like 7 on crandor but thats mega far from the bank… and thers 2 in al-kharid mine.

hobgoblin mines is about 1.5minutes from bank =) if you can sweat out the stress of mining in lvl31 wildy. 17 mith rocks alllll you yourself.

Under grand tree is ok

the place besides the mining guild wit a lot of coal =] there r 5 mith there =\