Mitragon's Rune Store

Welcome to Mitragons Rune Store

Here are the items I have in stock.

I will edit this post when I get new items or sell current ones.

Please post here with your runescape name and I will contact you. :wink:


Rune Platebody - 70k
Rune Platelegs - 50k
Rune Full Helmet - 35k
Rune Battleaxe - 55k
Rune Scimmy - 30k
Rune Halberd - 100k
Rune 2 Handed Sword - 55k
Rune Kiteshield - 50k

Items in green: Stocks Available
Items in red: Stocks Unavailable

More items will be available soon


ill buy rune legs rsn: harley248 just gotta get the cash

k, talk to me in rs, i added u

Please tell me about what you guys think about my prices.