Mixed Emotions...

Ok guys i dont know which i want to do…i want to be a great pker very badly, im f2p…im not sure if i should be a ranger or warrior, here are my stats
so i just wanna know which will lead me down the path of ownage better
ty vm

theres no such thing as pking in f2p anymore…
its just pures that dont have enough money to go to p2p…thats it…

umm…my stats dont look like a pures to me…and i asked for help not critisism

ranging would, but only if you were pure, so stick with melee

ok ty, ne more suggestions?

hmm, you could be a rune pure, but don’t raise any other stats but str. Just work on str.

ok…i think i wanna get att and def to 60 if i ever do become a member i can use dragon weapons…and chrisak…cowbells do pwn joo!!! lol

i dident say you were pure now did I? can you read? why bother with people that dont even try